The Scheie family (continued)


sunniva.jpg                Sunniva Scheie
aasengsun&ing.jpg             Sunniva and Ingeman Aaseng


After attending high school in McIntosh, Sunniva studied music at a school in Red Wing, then

attended the Lutheran Ladies Normal School in Sioux Falls. She taught piano in McIntosh for

many years.

She married Ingeman Aaseng on June 19, 1913. Ingeman had worked at Bovey on the Iron

Range before coming to McIntosh where he was employed at a hardware store and then at the


They had three children: Ingvar, Helen and Rolf. When Ingeman retired in 1952, he and Sunniva

traveled to Glendale, California, to spend the winter with daughter Helen. There Ingeman was

struck by a car and died December 18, 1952. Sunniva remained with Helen until her death

March 5, 1972, at the age of 87. Both she and Ingeman are buried at St. Luke's Cemetery in


aaseng~1.gif                     Ingvar Aaseng
aaseng~3.gif                     Helen Aaseng

Ingvar, born July 11, 1915, became an accountant in Minneapolis. On November 26, 1944,

he married Vivian Johnson. They had a daughter, Patricia Jean, born June 24, 1950,

in Minneapolis and died October 1, 1995.

Ingvar and Vivian were divorced and Ingvar died January 29, 2002.

Helen, born September 28, 1919, served as a teacher in California Lutheran schools.

aad976~1.gif                          Rolf and Vi Aaseng

Rolf, born November 28, 1923, graduated from Concordia College and Luther Seminary and became a Lutheran pastor.

He married Viola Anderson March 19, 1948, and they had five children.

    Lenore Astrid          July 25, 1949

    Norman Edward      December 14, 1951

    Nathan Karl             July 7, 1953

    Grant Luther            January 22, 1956

    Scott Dana               July 27, 1961

Rolf spent much of his career as an editor of the Lutheran Herald and its successors. About 1990, he served as professor at the

Lutheran seminary in Namibia, Africa.

amanda~3.gif                      Amanda Scheie


Amanda graduated from the Lutheran Normal School in Sioux Falls in 1906, then taught in Decorah, Bode, and Callender, Iowa, and Wittenberg, Wisconsin. She attended summer schools at the University of Iowa and University of Colorado and the normal school in Valley City, North Dakota, for one year, then taught in Fargo from 1917 to 1951.

On retirement, she returned to Minneapolis and joined the household of her mother and sisters Jennie and Agnes. She volunteered at Fairview

Hospital and helped in the school for the retarded at Our Savior's Lutheran Church where she was active.

Amanda died of lung cancer February 15, 1973 at the age of 86. She is buried at Crystal Lake Cemetery in Minneapolis.



Johanna attended high school for two years in McIntosh and two years at the Lutheran Normal School in Sioux Falls. Her first teaching jobs were in Hill River and in the Uggen and Birkeland schools, which are probably country schools, near McIntosh.


She taught two years at the children's home in Wittenberg, Wisconsin, (possibly while Amanda was there). She taught in Beltrami, Minnesota, gave piano lessons in McIntosh and then resumed teaching in Cooperstown, North Dakota. For a year she attended the normal school in Valley City, North Dakota (again possibly while Amanda was there).


During this period, Agnes notes, Johanna "was to have been

married to Ole Hovas, a cousin of Peter Husby's" in 1918 and

the invitations were sent out. But, Agnes wrote, Ole broke the

engagement because he thought his mother would live with them and he did not want that.

He reportedly informed Johanna by telegram that he wanted a postponement, but never offered a

further explanation. After his mother died, Ole married another woman--and later became a General in the U. S. Army.

johanna1967(2).jpg                          Johanna Scheie

After the broken engagement, Johanna stayed home and taught music in the McIntosh school. In 1924, she moved to Albert Lea, Minnesota, where she taught sixth grade for the next thirty years, retiring in 1954.

During those years, she earned a degree attending summer sessions at the University of Minnesota.

At least for a time during her years in Albert Lea, Johanna lived with a Mrs. Morreim, whose son Alan later became a teacher of French at St. Olaf College. My parents and I visited her at the Morreim home in Albert Lea during our years in Iowa.

When Johanna retired, she, too, returned to Minneapolis and joined the household which by then included mother Marie, Jennie, Amanda and Agnes. Agnes reports Johanna cooked for them--even though Aggie was the professional cook.

Johanna organized the library at Our Savior's Church and was active in circles, book club and Friendship Club.

She moved to the Ebenezer home in January of 1976, and died there October 19, 1981, of hardening of the arteries at the age of 93.

olga2.gif                 Olga Scheie


Olga, who was twelve when the family moved to

McIntosh, entered high school there but did not finish

due to what Aggie called a "paralysis of the face." It

was not a disabling affliction, however, as she traveled

to Madison, Wisconsin, to learn dressmaking from

mother Marie's cousins, Serene and Marie Hove.


Olga returned to McIntosh and did sewing until she

became ill with a stomach ulcer.


She married Peter Husby of McIntosh June 5, 1917,

when she was 26 and he was 34. For their honeymoon,

they took their mothers with them to Minneapolis to

attend the merger of the Synod, United and Hauge

churches into the Norwegian Lutheran Church in



husbys.gif             The Husbys: (L to R) Margaret, Peter, Harold Olga, Gertrude (Toots)

They lived on a farm about a mile northwest of McIntosh and tended a sizeable dairy herd. I

remember hearing that other dairymen in the area were angry with Peter because he refused to

charge more than 5 cents a quart for his milk. He was a hearty, generous man and very

strong--the kind who, in local lore, could lift heavy machinery and horses.

In the summer of 1942, Olga was seriously injured at the farm when a milk truck accidentally

backed into her as she sat on the steps. Both legs were crushed and one had to be amputated.

Olga wore an artificial limb and was a semi-invalid for the rest of her life.

Peter died September 14, 1970, at the age of 87. Olga died November 2, 1980, at 90.

johnsonleo&toots(2).jpg                Leo and Toots Johnson


Peter and Olga had three children.


Gertrude or “Toots,” born May 3, 1919, was the

oldest. She married McIntosh farmer Leo Johnson

July 21, 1940, at which Lodver Scheie officiated.

Toots loved farming and after her parents died, she

and Leo moved onto the Husby home place.

They had four children:

             Kenneth Leo               June 24, 1941

             Donald Peter               March 12, 1943

             Robert Allen               October 16, 1944

             Donna Kay                 May 3, 1961






Peter and Olga’s second child, Margaret Lenore, was born March 23, 1921. She married Ray Brokke

on June 8, 1944, and lived most her life in the Grand Forks area.

She and Ray had four children:

            Duane Ray                  April 12, 1945            died 1952

            Jerry Arnold               March 22, 1947

            Roger James               July 14, 1955

            Sharon Elaine             February 20, 1957

Peter and Olga’s youngest child, Harold Oswald, was born July 14, 1922. On May 5, 1944, he

married Jean Vaatveit of McIntosh, the great granddaughter of Erik Nubsen Oppegaard and the

granddaughter of Edvard Carl Oppegaard, my grandfather John’s brother. She is, therefore, my

second cousin.

Harold attended Dunwoody Institute in Minneapolis and worked as an Estimator and Contract

Manager for a Kansas City electrical construction company until retiring to Grand Marais,

Minnesota. Jean has written at least one book on life among Norwegian immigrants in

northwestern Minnesota.

Harold and Jean had four children:

            Scott Harold               January 26, 1946

            Timothy John             May 6, 1947

            Carolyn Marie            April 15, 1950

            Peter Gene                  September 20, 1957

jennie.gif        Jennie Scheie at 23, in LaCrosse


Jennie attended high school in McIntosh and

Park Region Lutheran College in Fergus Falls

for one year.

She taught at the Iverson School, perhaps a

rural school near McIntosh, for a year, then

entered nurse's training at Lutheran Hospital

in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. After graduating,

she became head surgical nurse for Dr.

Gunderson, the founder of the Gunderson

Clinic in LaCrosse. During that time she

traveled to New York with the family to be a

companion for Mrs. Gunderson.

In about 1922, Jennie moved to Minneapolis

to stay with her mother. She worked first for

the student health service at the University of

Minnesota and later did private nursing both

in Minneapolis and Rochester and taught

nursing at Northwestern Hospital.

For many years, she was supervisor of the

South Station of the Minneapolis Public

Health Department until her retirement in


Jennie was the only one of the Scheie girls who could drive a car. She used it in her work and

chauffeured her sisters on summer vacation trips.

Jennie cared for her mother, Sunniva, Amanda, Marie and Johanna in their final illnesses.

Along with Johanna and Aggie, she became an Ebenezer resident in her last years. Jennie lived

the longest in this long-lived family. She was 100 years and 4 months old when she died April 9,



Agnes was born on Easter Sunday, April 14, 1895. She was confirmed by Rev. L. J. Njus at St.

Luke's Lutheran Church in McIntosh October 30, 1910.

She taught in rural schools near Hill River, Big Falls and Lockhart from 1914 to 1917 and

attended the Lutheran Normal School in Sioux Falls during the 1917-18 school year,

graduating June 1, 1918.

agnes1910s.jpg                       Agnes Scheie

Agnes taught in rural schools near Starbuck for two years, then returned to McIntosh where she and her mother "boarded" teachers.

In 1922, she left for Minneapolis and began a career in housework and cooking. Aside from one year in Miami with the John McMichaels family, she remained in the Cities with six families, including those of A. W. Leslie, J. V. Dobson, a Weyerhaeuser, and one of the Daytons.

From 1939 to 1942, she worked for three families in Seattle, then returned to stay with her mother in Minneapolis.

In 1955, she began a six-year stint doing kitchen work at the Minneapolis Lutheran Bible Institute. Thereafter, she remained in the Cities, except for working summers at Birchmont resort near Bemidji, at a camp in St. Paul, Luther Seminary and at the Mount Carmel Bible Camp.

In her later years, Agnes lived with her sisters on Chicago Avenue, then,

as they had done, moved to Ebenezer. She died there December 24, 1993.

olafgrad.gif                       Olaf Scheie


Olaf was six when the family arrived in

McIntosh. He started school there and

graduated in 1916, then entered Park Region

Lutheran College in Fergus Falls in the fall.

The following year, that school merged with

Concordia College in Moorhead and Olaf

enrolled there. He was drafted in October of

1918, then mustered out shortly after the war

ended in November.


On returning home, he returned to Concordia.

His mother, Amanda, Johanna, Jennie and

Agnes loaned him money to pay expenses

which he repaid at ten percent. He graduated

in 1921 and embarked on a career in education.


           Olaf taught school in Herman, Villard and

Middle River before becoming principal at Trail in 1926.

In 1927, he moved to Gonvick and became the

first superintendent of the new four-year high school.


On June 10, 1931, he married Selma Varhus, one of the four teachers he had worked with at Trail.

Their two sons were born during this time: Paul Olaf arrived June 24, 1933, at his grandparents’

home in Marietta and Carl Edward at the Fosston hospital July 14, 1938.

olaf&selma1989.jpg        Olaf and Selma Scheie in 1989

Later they moved to Raymond, Minnesota, where Olaf served as superintendent until he "retired" in 1963, then became Kandiyohi County Superintendent until all such county positions were eliminated in 1971.

Olaf died July 26, 1991, at the age of 93, eight days short of his 94th birthday.

Selma passed away August 18, 1995 at 89.



paul&ma03.jpg       Paul and Mary Anna Scheie in 2003

Paul graduated from St. Olaf College in 1955 and

got his Ph. D. in physics from Penn State. He was

a Professor of Physics at Texas Lutheran

University until his retirement.



He married Mary Anna Harrison May 18, 1963,

and they have two children:

            Eric Olaf                     May 24, 1964

            Maren Hannah            June 27, 1970



Paul and Mary Anna now live in Bethany,


carl&mary03(2).jpg                 Carl and Mary Scheie in 2003

Carl graduated from Concordia College and also earned a Ph. D. He married Mary Elizabeth Grover in Lee, Illinois, August 29, 1959. They lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Appleton, Wisconsin and the Chicago area where he worked for Wilson Sporting Goods until his retirement about 2002. They now reside in northern Wisconsin in the summer and in Arizona in the winter.

 They have three sons:

      Daniel Paul            June 18,1961

      Timothy Jon          January 14, 1963

     Andrew Jay             May 2, 1968

lodver~1.gif                          Lodver Scheie


The first recorded fact about Lodver after his

birth is that he was cared for by Johanna

during the train trip from Whitewater to

Flandreau. She was also his first grade

teacher--at home. He stayed out of school

during his senior year in high school "because

of the war," probably to await the draft. He

was drafted in mid-1918, put into uniform and

taken as far as Fort Snelling, near

Minneapolis, when the war ended. Back in

McIntosh, he graduated from high school with

Marie's class in 1920.

Lodver entered Concordia with Marie, joining Olaf

who was already there. He played varsity basketball

along with Olaf, was elected student

body president and graduated in 1924.

After college he enrolled at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, teaching parochial school during the

summers. He graduated and was ordained in 1927 and married Ellen Rosine Oppegaard June 7,

1927, at Our Savior's church in McIntosh. They were married by Rev. Daniel J. Borge, Lodver’s

cousin. The attendants were Ellen’s sister Dagny and Lodver’s brother Olaf.

His first call was to a four-congregation parish in Lily, South Dakota. David Luther was born (in

the hospital in nearby Webster) December 30, 1928.

lod&ell.gif                   Lodver and Ellen Scheie

In late 1933, they moved to Joice, Iowa. Sometime around 1940, Ellen's mother, Dorthea Oppegaard, was moved from her home on the east side of McIntosh and came to live with them. They remained in Joice until Lodver accepted a call to Jewell, Iowa, in 1951. The prospect of a move touched off a period of depression in Ellen and she never really adjusted to the new town. After a year in Jewell, Lodver accepted a call to Russell Avenue Lutheran Church in north Minneapolis. After about five years at Russell Avenue, he was called as Visitation Pastor at Central Lutheran Church and remained there until retiring in 1979.


Dorthea remained part of their household until Ellen could no longer care for her. She moved to Ebenezer and remained there, bedridden and unaware, in the final years of her life. Ellen was a

daily visitor and caregiver.


After leaving the Russell Avenue church, Lodver and Ellen lived in the 4800 block of Oakland Avenue until their home was heavily damaged by a fire set by a vandal, then moved to 5536 Knox Avenue South where they remained until moving to Ebenezer in the early 1990s.

Lodver died January 12, 1993, at the age of 93. Ellen died of breast cancer June 2, 1994, at the

age of 94. Both are buried, along with her mother Dorthea, Lodver's mother Marie and five of his

sisters, at Crystal Lake Cemetery in Minneapolis.

David graduated from Joice High School in1946 and from St. Olaf College in 1950. There he met

Margery Ostrom who graduated in 1952. They married August, 30, 1952, and had four children:


            Margaret Ellen            Januar y 25, 1954

            David Mark                Novem ber 8, 1955

            Peter Michael             April 6, 1962

            Jenny Marie                Decem ber 10, 1965

dave&marge(2).jpg                           Marge and Dave Scheie

After working for St. Olaf in 1950- 51, he attended graduate school at the University of Minnesota and Luther Seminary.

He had worked at part-time WCAL at St. Olaf and at KSTP and KUOM in Minneapolis while a student. In 1953, broadcasting became his full-time career, first at KOB in Albuquerque, then at WOW in Omaha starting in 1954, and at WMT, which became KGAN, in Cedar Rapids in 1959. Most of his work was as a television anchorman. He retired in 1993.

In 2007, he and Marge relocated from Cedar Rapids to Chanhassen, Minnesota.


imarie2.gif                   Ingeborg Marie Scheie


Marie was a tiny baby when the family left

Whitewater for Flandreau. Like Lodver, she

graduated from McIntosh High School in1920 and

from Concordia College in1924.She taught school

in Petersburg, North Dakota,for two years and in

Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, for one year.

A course in library work at the University of

Minnesota started

her in a new direction which she followed the rest

of her life.

She first worked at St. Scholastica College in

Duluth. In 1929,she became the first cataloger at

the Marquette University Library in Milwaukee

until losing her job during World War II. Marie

did housework for a family named Lathrop in St.

Paul fora year, then got her master's degree in

library science from the University of Michigan.

She worked in the libraries of Wartburg College,

Waverly, Iowa; Oregon State University, Corvallis,

Oregon; and finally at Bucknell University,

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, where she retired.


When she became ill, Gertrude (“Toots”) Husby Johnson, and Margaret Husby Brakke, Margaret's

son Jerry and his wife Kathy drove to Lewisburg and brought Marie and her possessions to Minneapolis.

Aggie wrote that Marie was ill with a rare disease, "carcadosis." I cannot find that word in references but

she could have meant sarcoidosis which is described as a rare, multi-system, auto-immune disease.

Symptoms vary but may include inflammation of the organs, joints and skin..

Marie died August 16, 1976, at the age of 75. She, too, is buried at Crystal Lake Cemetery in




Three of Ole Lodversen and Anne Halvorsdatter Scheie’s sons–Ole, Lodver and Hans--settled in

the Chicago area and changed their family name to Schye–and Lodver changed his first name to

Louis. We do not know what contact Ole, Louis and Hans had with each other, but Sunniva has

written of visits by the Louis Schye family to visit Iver and his family in Whitewater. We know of

no contact with any of the Schyes after Iver and his family left Whitewater in 1902.

In an effort to learn more about the Schyes, I sent letters to six people with that name in Chicago

suburbs on May 16, 2000.

On May 18, I received the following e-mail message.


Hi David,

Thanks for the letter. My grandfather's name was Louis. He was born Louis Martin

Schye on November 29, 1874 in Chicago. According to research done by a cousin

of mine his father was Louis Olsen Schjeie, born Sep. 27, 1841 in Christiana (sic),

Norway. He married Anna Halvorson Sehelstad; born 1807 in Gudbrandsdal,

Norway He died April 26, 1915 in Chicago. His father, Ole Schjeie was born 1791

in Gudbrandsdal, Norway; he died there in 1884. I realize the spelling is different -

but, could there be a connection? I'm going to forward your letter to my cousin

who has been doing the genealogical research. If you would like to call me my

home phone is —. Or you can call me at my office.


Tim Schye

The names and dates he cited made it clear that we were indeed related. I immediately e-mailed a

longer reply showing other areas where our data corresponded and invited a further response

from him or his unnamed cousin.

On January 18, 2001, I received the following e-mail:


Dear Dave,

This is really a thrill to be able to write to another genealogist looking for the same

family as I have been looking. My cousin Tim just sent me your letter with the

information that you have gathered. I will try to give you a little bit of where we

are....I know we are related....too many coinsidences (sic) not to be. Jack Schye

lives in Montana. He is the son of Theodore Nels Schye, he was born 8/8/1913 in

Ismay, Montana. Theodore was the son of Ole Lodverson Schjeie who was the son

of Ole Torgeson Schjeie. Virginia Schye, age 94 lives in Sun City West AZ. She is

the daughter of Iver Thomas Schye, son of Louis (or Lodver) Olsen Schye and

Paulina Martina Christensen. My mother, Isabelle Ann Schye Coates is the

daughter of Louis Martin Schye, also L. O. Schye's son. She also lives here in

Phoenix, AZ. but was born in Brookfield, Illinois. Louis Martin was born in Chicago.

He had the four brothers and two sisters

(I have a formal picture of the entire family) I will send you copies of this

stuff....(^_^) I am also in contact with a few other Schye California

and in LaCrosse, WI Check for Schye also my I

will send you a password and you can see the pictures I have.....especially of

ANNA Halvorsen Sejelstad. Hope to hear from you soon


Colleen Coates Massey


family.jpg                            Back row, L to R: Iver, Charles, Louis, Victor

Front row: Annie, Louis, Paulina, Oliver, Minnie

In the months that followed, Paul Scheie and I exchanged a great deal of information with Colleen

Massey and Virginia Schye. Among other things, they provided an annotated tree of their branch

of the family and several pictures.

They also directed us to the Schye/Schjeie pages in the My Family website:

It had several pictures of their family. Paul and I contributed some from our side.

We learned that many Louis Schye’s descendants had spent much of their lives in the Chicago

area, but a number of the older ones had moved to Arizona in the 1980s or 1990s.

While the dates and names in their family tree were similar to ours, there were some differences.

In the spelling of some names, for example:

                        We use                                                They use

                        Ole Torgersen                                     Ole Torgeson

                        Marie Pedersdatter                             Marie Pedersdatter Hansen

                        Ole Lodversen Skeie                          Ole Lodversen Schjeie

                        Anne Halvorsdatter                            Anne Halvorson Sejelstad

They had thought that Ole Lodversen and Anne Halvorsdatter had returned to Norway and died


One point on which our data disagreed with theirs was the birth date of Hans Olsen Skeie, the son

of Ole Lodversen and Anne Halvorsdatter. Our information was that Hans was born September

20, 1844; the Schyes believed he was born February 25, 1834.

It seemed likely, at least to Paul and me, that our date fit better with the spacing of the other

children's known birth dates.

                                                            Birth date

            Mari Olsdatter                        June 27, 1830

            Anna Olsdatter                       February 2, 1833

            Hans Olsen                            February 25, 1834 ??

            Marit Olsdatter                       October 5, 1835

            Ole Olsen                                September 8, 1838

            Lodver Olsen                          September 27, 1841

   or      Hans Olsen                            September 20, 1844

            Iver Olsen                               December 31, 1847

            Anne (or Ahne) Olsdatter       April 18, 1851

Seeking an answer to this and other questions, I wrote to six people named Schye in southwest

Wisconsin on May 9, 2001.

I soon received replies from Kathy Schye Claussen of LaCrosse and Rosalie Schye of Westby

who said they were descendants of Hans Olsen Schye.

Both said he was born February 25, 1834 and died March 15, 1890. Kathy said her dates came

from his tombstone.

hanssc~1.gif                      Hans Schye

Rosalie also sent a copy of a picture of Hans. It was

a copy several generations removed from the original,

but this Hans did not physically resemble other

members of our family.

Seeking to resolve the birth date question, we looked

at the Norwegian census data posted on the Internet.

It showed that in Sondre Fron in 1865 there were

TWO Ole Lodversens: one then 75 years old, married

to Anne Halvorsdatter, 59, and with children Iver, 20

and Ahne, 15; also a son, Ole, 28; his wife Ahne

Jakobsdatter, 25, and their son Ole, 2. That was

obviously our family.

The other Ole Lodversen was then 61, was married to

Anne Hansdatter, 62, and had children Hans, 32, and and Ahne, 19.

The names and dates were not those shown in our family records.

Significantly, the 32 year old Hans in this latter family would have

been born in 1833 or 1834--as the Schyes had believed.

We concluded that the latter Hans was almost surely the Hans Schye buried in Wisconsin, the

ancestor of Kathy and Rosalie, who was regarded as a relative by the descendants of Louis Schye.

We don’t know how the Louis Schye descendants came to regard the 1834 Hans as Louis’s

brother. Perhaps Louis treated him as one. Could he be a cousin? or perhaps merely a neighbor

who may have even come from the same farm and thus would have the same name even though

he might not be related by blood.

We have found no trace of “our” Hans, the one born in 1844, nor of Ole.

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