We first became interested in this family history project in about 1998. There was a wealth of

          material on three of my grandparents families - the Scheies, Fosmarks and Oppegaards - but

          virtually none on the Myklebys.

          In 2000, I put together a booklet, primarily for our children, based on the available material. Since

          then, we have learned more about all four families and published an updated version in 2002.

          In both booklets, I drew liberally on material regarding the Scheies and Fosmarks produced by

          Sunniva Scheie Aaseng, Johanna Scheie, Agnes Scheie and particularly Paul Scheie who has

          visited Norway, written historical material, assembled pictures and continued researching. He has

          shared this material generously.

          Colleen Coates Massey and the late Virginia Schye were our links to the Schye branch of the

          family. They shared a wealth of information, and we enjoyed their Schye/Schjeie Family Website


          What we know about the Fosmarks is also due to the research, writing and personal contacts

          of Paul Scheie.

          Milo Oppegard’s 1989 opus is a major source of information on the Oppegaard family and we

          have established friendly contact with him. More recently, in 2003, we were alerted to the data

          on possibly earlier members of that family by Karen Haukedahl.

          Fortunately, the dearth of information about the Mykleby family has ended. Thanks especially to

          Ola G. Enger and Brit-Lisbet Lund Jonassen, newly-discovered cousins in Norway, we have

          learned a great deal about the family which is posted on this site.

          Unfortunately, we still know little about Margery Scheie’s ancestral families: the Ostroms,

          Swansons, Hedbergs and Andersons. We invite contact with anyone who may have information

          about them.

          Son Peter Scheie proposed putting this history on the Internet and offered a server on which to

          post it. Without his offer and advice, this online version would not have happened.

          David L. Scheie

          October, 2006


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